Ministry of Social Affairs Guilding the Sedulur Foundation in Making Legality

Ministry of Social Affairs Guilding the Sedulur Foundation in Making Legality


BATAVIASE NOUVELLES. COM. Bandar Lampung — The All Outer Support Foundation for the People or called SEDULUR Is a foundation that started as a community or association founded by Haryanto in 2017. Over time and according to needs and circumstances, SEDULUR was confirmed as a legal entity in the form of a foundation with the number AHU- 0028178.AH.01.04.Year 2021.

The SEDULUR Foundation is domiciled on Jl. Tomo Gedong Air Tanjung Karang Barat Flower, Bandar Lampung City, Lampung Province with Domicile SKT number: 000/9/IV.22/2022 and registered with the National and Political Unity Agency (Kesbangpol) Lampung Province with TDY number 210/084/IV/ IV.07/2022. Not only that, as a foundation that obeys and obeys applicable rules and regulations, the SEDULUR Foundation manages and makes other legalities to support the smooth running and success of the Foundation, one of which is the National Social Welfare Institution (LKS).

“We, as the SEDULUR Foundation, obey and comply with the rules and regulations that apply as stated in the foundation principles, namely Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution. And as our obedience and obedience, we do it as we should. Thank God, the Department of Social Affairs of the Province of Lampung, in this case, Mr. Pirhot, was quite active and cooperative in guiding the Sedulur Foundation starting from the Province to the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia which was then continued by Ms. Ema Mazcuroh as the Head of Investigation Unit of the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs. And we are grateful, the Ministry of Social Affairs, namely Mrs. Ema Mazcuroh, was quick to respond and cooperative in guiding us in the process of making LKS and PUB. For this, we really appreciate the performance of the Ministry of Social Employees.” Said Haryanto, Chair of the Sedulur Foundation.

He continued Back ;

“In line with Mrs. Ema’s directions as the Ministry of Social Affairs, we have good intentions, determination and we want everything to go smoothly, successfully, and blessedly and good intentions and goals ideally also start or start with good steps, one of which is by complying with and comply with applicable regulations so that in the future it will run smoothly and there will be no problems like out there where various problems, both terrorism and others, are detected and Alhamdulillah we have done the series and regarding the National LKS is in the process, We have sent the requirements file and also the LKS application letter to Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia on December 24, 2022 ago with receipt number 6600055192970. This is as directed by Mr. Nanda Fajrin, always the Ministry of Social Affairs and as a form of our compliance in complying with applicable rules and regulations. Furthermore, we hope that everything will run smoothly, be successful, and blessed and that the LKS that we submitted the application for will be issued soon so that we can be more effective and productive in carrying out various activities.” he concluded.

In line with Haryanto, Novianti as the treasurer of the Sedulur Foundation admitted that she really appreciated the performance and service of Ministry of Social Employees. “We are very pleased and appreciate the performance of the Ministry of Social staff who are responsive, cooperative and guide us in the process of making our LKS. said Nova.


In contrast to foundations in general which tend to be engaged in only one field, the Sedulur Foundation is a foundation engaged in various fields of activity into a program plan for the foundation’s activities, which include the following programs: Fundraising Umrah Departure for Religious Leaders, Community Leaders, Traditional Leaders, etc Distribution of Talents for residents, Such as Arts (Music, Dance, Drama etc.), Sports (Racing, Pencak Silat/martial arts, Football etcl), Da’wah etc. Compensation for Orphans, the Poor, Natural Disasters etc. Establishment of Educational Schools etc The various agendas of these activity plans were well received by the community so that it is hoped that the noble ideals of the Foundation can be realized.

Regarding the activity budget, the Foundation Management admits that the budget is based on donations from relations and the public whose donations are raised through the official website or the official website of the Sedulur foundation:


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